While we are striving to address the poverty concerns in Richmond, we humbly understand that this battle cannot be fought alone. We know that your reputable organization has a mission to continuously contribute and uplift the Richmond community through various charitable and volunteer initiatives. FeedTheStreetsRVA is seeking monetary and tangible item donations to assist with our efforts.

Please see the details concerning sponsorship below.

Up to $100: Bronze Sponsorship

$101 to $300: Silver Sponsorship

$301 to$500: Gold Sponsorship

Above $500: Platinum Sponsorship  

If your organization would like to become a sponsor, please contact us FeedTheStreetsRVA@gmail.com to discuss the amount and/or capacity of your donation. We genuinely thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.


Platinum Sponsors

Gabriel Addy

Early Bird Biscuit Co.

Jayde Ware

Gold Sponsors

Nomad Deli

Silver Sponsors

Rick Wilthelm